Designed for cruising, endurance training and the open sea. When you are looking for a board that will push your limits and take you to places you didn't think you could go, this is the board for you. Its exclusive design designed to cut any type of swell and to slide faster and with a surface that is close to the water will allow you to do many hours on the board without feeling tired. A rocker developed so that the tip of the board is always out of the water and cuts more waves. Feel free to explore, have fun and experience new ways to enjoy, be it calm or rough waters.
Included items
Onboard accessories: Rear D ring for leash, GoPro mount, 6-point bungee cord tensor system, D rings for securing accessories, D rings for kayak seat (not included).
External accessories included:
- Removable SUP central fin.
- 2 removable side fins.
- Carbon fiber paddle.
- Double wheel travel backpack.
- Super Double action Pump, for fast inflation.
- Leash
- Repair kit
Key featured
Construction: HDX AIR System, (Tested safe at 20 PSI, recommended pressure 12 to 15 PSI for optimal performance)

Dimensions: 11'6 "long by 32” wide by 6" thick
Weight: Approximately 9.4 Kg.
Capacity: up to 140 kg.

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Two year warranty

If our product isn’t performing as it should, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team

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Go further and faster

Experience new ways of moving in the water, create your own adventure and share unique moments with the people you love the most.
1. GoPro Ammount
2. Hook D Ring
3.Frong bungee cords
4. Bloom eva pad diamod shape
5. Handle
6. Back Handle
7. High pressure valve
8. Anchor and tow D ring
9. Removeble fins
Versatile and resistant
Transform it into a kayak, explore all the corners of the world, go fishing. This board has no limits and you can take it anywhere.
Versatile and resistant
Transform it into a kayak, explore all the corners of the world, go fishing. This board has no limits and you can take it anywhere.


Super double pump
This pump is 30% more efficient thanks to the redesigned piston and to the outer tube for the air outlet. Additionally, the pump has double and single action pumping modes plus a wider foot base that increases stability during pumping, so you can inflate it faster and with less effort.

Fixed position for hose and pressure gauge when inflating.

Our Backpacks are designed to minimize weight and maximize comfort and resistance. They have two compartments: one to store the board and accessories, and another for clothing or other items you may want to take on board with you.

Additionally, they have side and top grips, as well as all-terrain wheels that facilitate transportation from one place to another.

Adjustable and padded shoulder straps.

Our paddles are made of fiberglass, therefore they are very light and more resistant than the aluminum ones. Thanks to this material, they have better buoyancy and do not sink easily. Our paddles have two adjustable screws which make length adjustments simple even when you are out on the water.


A removable central fin.

Easily put on by hand and secured with a bolt, no tools are needed.


The leash is incredibly light and low-key so it doesn’t interfere with the paddling.


Essential spare tools in case you ever need them.

A repair patch for the front and back part of the board (150mm x 150mm).

Valve key.

Waterproof storage case.

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