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In the last few years stand up paddle boarding has grown a lot and the proyections for the coming years are even better. Our main goal is to share our passion for this sport with you and everybody who enjoys it in an amateur and professional way.

We believe this could be an excellent opportunity to start your own business or simply make it grow with our highest quality boards and unique designs. We assure you that your customers will be more than satisfied.
We support local rental operations, summer camps, paddling clubs, Yoga studios and rental outfitters. Wholesale pricing available on orders of 5 boards or more.

All of our new boards will have the latest technologies including our propietary HDX technology, the newest X woven dropstitching, lightweight carbon paddles and convenient wheel backpacks.
The boards and accessories are ready to be shipped in our warehouse.
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Cala is much more than a board with a good design and the best quality. Cala is a lifestyle. That spirit of adventure, adrenaline and freedom is within us, it is part of our DNA. That unique moment where we feel part of this world, of this universe, of nature, whether we live in a city, work in an office, single, married, introverts, athletes, extremists, spirituals, ecologists or a parent. That moment is the one we seek, the one we want. We are seekers of experiences and emotions.
We all come from the sea, and at some point in our life, we will return to it, whether for an instant, a moment or forever. Take advantage of this moment, it´s the only one you have.

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If our product isn’t performing as it should, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team

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